Sunday, February 5, 2012

Home Circuit Power Monitoring - Part 2

It has been about 6 months from when I installed per circuit power monitoring in my home (

In January 2012 I started injecting all my power data into a SQL DB (SQL Express).  This has allowed me to use Tableau ( to analyze the utilization.

Here is an example of that power consumption in my House. 

You can see my office plugs (where my Media Center is located) is my #1 consumer of power.  You can see that the TV and Kitchen outlets are in second place.

I used the data shown here to determine that my 1st floor lights use a lot of power.   This weekend I replaced those 400 Watts of lights with new LEDs (Phillips Ambient LED,

You can see from the graph below how much power I used to watch the "BIG GAME".

Based off this and a power cost of $.09/Kwh it cost ~$.24 to watch the game.
(539 watts /1000 = .539Kw * 5 hours = 2.70KwH * .09 = $.245)

This does not include the cost of beer, snacks, the cookies, steaks or stress. 

To get this to work I use tenEcmServer and tenEcmDB from  The tenEcmDB needed a little modification to work with SQL Server.  By default it works with SQLLight.  With the tenEcm components I can monitor my BrulTech equipment and provided extensive reporting on it.

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