Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Not a big fan of new Microsoft Touch mouse

I upgraded from the Microsoft Touch Arch mouse to the new TouchMouse.  I must say I am not a fan.

The new mouse looks nice and all but does not work as well as I would like.

The new TouchMouse has a single button.  It utilizes touch sensors to detect if you are using the left or right finger to press down.  The problem that I have it is I rest my fingers on my mouse.  This causes the mouse to think I am using the multi-touch (two finger) to minimize or maximize windows. It also sometimes thinks I am pressing the right button when I press the left.

Enumerating TFS Permissions for items within the TPC for audit and logging

Below is a powershell cmdlet that I threw together to enumerate data out of our TFS instance.  This is used to keep track of permissions in ...