Saturday, June 18, 2011

Configuring Dell EqualLogic management interface

The Dell EqualLogic iSCSI SAN supports an out-of-band management network interface. This is for managing the device from a separate network than the iSCSI traffic is on.
The documentation for the PS6000E is some of the worse I have ever seen. In addition to that the CLI (command line interface) is about as bad as a big pile of dog poo.
So this is a quick set of commands that are used to configure the management (eth2) interface on the device. The web interface is nice and all but you have to have your 10Gig network setup before you can access it. Also the "setup" does not really give you an easy option to configure the management interface.

Login to Console Port with grpadmin username and grpadmin password.

After you run setup you will need to know the "member name". You can get your member name by running the "member show" command. This will list the name, Status, Version, Size information for each member configured on the array.
grpname> member show
Name Status Version Disks Capacity FreeSpace Connections
---------- ------- ---------- ----- ---------- ---------- -----------
EEC-DellEqual online V4.3.6 (R1 16 621.53GB 0MB 0
The member name for my device is EEC-DellEqual.
Once you know the member name you will need to set the IP address for your management interface. This IP address will need to be one that you can access from your management network. The port is an untagged port similar to other out-of-band management ports on devices (network switches).
To configure the IP use the member command again.
First set the interface to be management ONLY
-member select EEC-DellEqual eth select 2 mgmt-only enable
Set the IP address and Network Mask
-member select EEC-DellEqual eth select 2 ipaddress netmask
Enable the interface (by default the MGMT (eth2) interface is disabled and will not provide a LINK).
-member select EEC-DellEqual eth select 2 up
You will be asked to confirm that you wish to enable the Management port
This port is for group management only. If enabling, make sure it is connected to a dedicated management network. If disabling, make sure you can access the group through another Ethernet port.
Do you really want to enable the management interface? (y/n) [n] y
To view current IP and state of an Eth interface use
-member select <member Name> show eths
Once that is complete you can use the management IP address to create an http or https connection to the Array.


  1. Just wanted to say THANK YOU for your instructions. Even though we pay for Dell Enterprise tech support, they wanted to charge us to do this. Your instructions got me going in 10 minutes. I'd buy you a beer if I could.

  2. Thanks, this was very awesome help.

  3. Thanks a ton! This got me on the right track and I was able to figure out the rest from there.

  4. Thank you very much mate, it made my day much easier today

  5. Thank you very much! You're absolutely dead on about how useless the Equallogic documentation is.


  6. Login to Console Port with grpadmin username and grpadmin password.

    how to do this?


  7. Login to Console Port with grpadmin username and grpadmin password.

    how to do this?

  8. Your tip worried like a charm! Thank you!

  9. Hi there,
    I recently got 3 "previously enjoyed" Equallogic PS6500 SAN units and have configured them and have mounted the storage space on them to 1 of my local ESXi hosts. But when I login to the group manager, I only see one unit. How can I configure it to be able to manage all 3 units by using the group management IP?


  10. Cheers mate for your post which saved me a lot of trouble and time :)

  11. It would be of great help, if you let us know the procedure to configure a gateway IP to the management network.

  12. Many thanks - an excellent informative post - very useful and better than Dell's information.

  13. im trying to change the ip address of the management int (eth2) during production hours, is it ok to change it during production? I have a ps4100x and it gives me a bone chilling warning that it could undo any iscsi connections i have on that interface even though my iscsi connections are on eth0 and eth1....
    I have a condition called "network paranoia" please help!

  14. THANK YOU for this information. Why the hell doesn't EQL have this in their docs? 0.o

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